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Palo Santo Incense

Palo Santo Incense

Handmade in Peru

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Transform any space into a sanctuary with our Palo Santo Incense, known for its purifying smoke and serene fragrance. Made from sustainably sourced Palo Santo wood, this incense is perfect for creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your home or office. 

Whether you use it for meditation, relaxation, or simply to freshen up a room, our Palo Santo Incense will elevate your space with its natural and soothing aroma.

IMPORTANT: While the long-lasting aroma of Palo Santo Incense can last for up 2 hours of continuous burning, it should be turned on and turned off to not cause the headache.

Quantity: 6 sticks

Measure: 20 cm / 7.87 in

Materials: Palo Santo

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